Things to Do in Kumarakom


“Let’s Find Some Beautiful Place To Get Lost”

Kerala’s Kumarakom, a tranquil small village located on Vembanad lake, is situated 13 kilometres from Kottayam, it provides a vast range of floral diversity, unique scenery, boating, and fishing opportunities. This stunning bliss is home to Mangrove forests, emerald paddy fields, and coconut palms, as well as canals and waterways covered with white lilies, which charm visitors from all across the globe.


Kumarakom is one of the holiday destinations in Kerala that everyone should visit at least once in their lives, according to the National Geographic Magay. The nation is renowned for its gorgeous pieces that are meticulously handcrafted in an old-fashioned manner. Only the prawns(Chemmeen), Tiger Prawns ( Konju), and Karjmeen are among the few aquatic species that call Vembanad lake residents. It will be ideal for you to invest your leisure time at Kumarakom. Along with your family members.

Among the distinctive aspects of tourism in Kumarakom are the houseboats. Vast tourists to Kumarakom request a journey on one of these boathouses to appreciate the picturesque backwaters and the breeze nearby. The design of this courthouse which is modelled after mediaeval kettuvallams will evoke the rich heritage of “God’s Land”. You could take a cruise around the waterways of Alappuzha and Vembanad lake. Relish a serene backwater cruise while savouring traditional Kerala cuisine.

Try taking a journey to Pathiramanal, a stunning island 40 minutes from Kumarakom Aruvikkuzhi, a cascade in Kumarakom is the best tourist attraction. A few of the ideal places for trekking are the 100 ft tall waterfalls. You may expect a multitude of activities in Kumarakom. A journey to the 14-acre bird sanctuary is recommended. It provides a secure habitat for numerous migrating birds including Siberian stork, wild duck, and so on. Visitors find it intriguing to see them living in colonies with certain other species including Cuckoos, herons, egrets, and darters. Keep coming over here and erase all your concerns while enjoying the beauty of shorebirds.


Best Kumarakom Resorts

There are a Humpty number of resorts in Kumarakom. But we need to find the best Kumarakom Resorts. Kumarakom Park Resort is the Vembanad lakeshore resort which is the prime destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. Amidst the beauty of nature, this wonderful home has a large outdoor pool and is surrounded by acres of lush greenery and palm trees. Exquisite woodwork interiors, marble flooring, and balconies are features of the artistically furnished guestrooms. Onsite recreation options include fishing, cycling, and billiards.

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