List of Things to Do In Kumarakom


Kerala is one of the most charming travel locations in India. There are numerous wonderful destinations to visit in the state on a memorable trip with your loved ones. Among these is the quaint little town of Kumarakom in the Kottayam district. This blog discusses the many splendid things to do on your Kumarakom visit.

  6 Best Things to Do In Kumarakom For A Memorable Vacay Experience

  1.   Set On A Mesmerizing Backwater Cruise

One of the most appealing things about a Kerala vacation is the distinctive backwater experience. While visiting Kumarakom, you can enjoy a cruise in the calming backwaters of Vembanad freshwater lake. This lake is accredited as the largest of its kind in India.


  1.   Go Birdwatching At Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

The Kumarakom bird sanctuary is a spectacular wildlife reserve that is a must-visit point when you are in Kumarakom. Structured in a scientific setting, the sanctuary is home to over 180 species of birds. If you are into birdwatching, a few hours at this place would be an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

  1.   Cherish The Sunset Of A Lifetime On A Boat Cruise

You might have enjoyed the beauty of sunset at the seaside or at a hilltop several times in your life. But if you want to behold a captivating sunset in the backwaters of Kerala, there’s a golden opportunity at Kumarakom. Set on a boat cruise across the backwaters and experience the sunset like never before.

  1.   Go Cycling Through The Countryside

The charming town of Kumarakom is something that you should experience on foot. But a cycling tour is even more interesting as you can cover more distances in less time on the wheels. If you are someone who has been exposed to an urban life forever, this countryside charm will be a memory that will remain etched in your heart forever.

  1.   Visit Magnificent Indian Religious Centers

Indian religious centers have a lot more to offer than a place to pray. The magnificence of the buildings and the soothing atmosphere within are features that attract people from across the world to these religious centers. You can visit numerous such places in Kumarakom, like the Ettumanoor Shiva temple, Vaikkom Shiva temple, Cheriyappalli mosque, and many more.


  1.   Shop For Curious Souvenirs To Take Home

Lastly, the beautiful town of Kumarakom has plenty of unique crafts and antiques for you. You can visit amazing shops like the Old Curiosity Shop to get your hands on some priceless items for your friends and family. Also, a visit to the Kumarakom craft museum is guaranteed to leave you in awe!

In a nutshell, a visit to the splendid Kumarakom town will ensure a memorable holiday experience for you. If you are planning a holiday at this destination, you can always book comfortable accommodation in Kumarakom at Kumarakom Park Resort. With ample amenities and an out-of-the-world service for customers, you will surely fall in love with the place instantly!

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